What is IKFFI

An opportunity for schools to independently host a Film Festival! 

International Kids Film Festival of India (IKFFI), a window to the world of cinema for children in India, curated by LXL Ideas, promotes the art of cinema through film screenings in schools and a filmmaking competition.

We live in an era where screens and visual medium dominate our lives. It is imperative that schools educate children about the fine art of cinema. In spite of the abundant videos that are around us, high-quality Kids Films are not accessible. IKFFI is a great way to initiate our children to magic of meaningful cinema.

IKFFI is conceived with the idea of giving an opportunity for schools to host a film festival in their campus. It aimed to bring inspiring, meaningful and globally diverse cinema to school students. To encourage young talent IKFFI also have a Students Film Making Contest.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
― Margaret Mead