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The first International Kids Film Festival of India (IKFFI) is here! Join us as we take children on a fun filled cinematic adventure to explore the unseen and travel the world; all through the magic of cinema. IKKFI is India’s first online film festival that can be hosted independently by schools across India. At IKFFI, our aim is not just to entertain, but also to evoke emotions and provoke discussions that need to be raised. It’s time to entertain,  inspire and educate our future citizens.

Make Cinema

Make Cinema, IKFFI’s special filmmaking competition, encourages young filmmakers to turn their dreams and stories into films. Cash prizes and other rewards will be awarded to the best films in various categories, selected by an eminent jury.

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Register here as a school, organisation or an individual. Our team will contact you to confirm the registration and provide you with detailed information about the

Step 2

Once the registration has been completed, an exclusive access key will be sent to you so that you can gain access to the movies. The movies will be categorised into Junior, Middle and Senior levels. A step-by-step film festival guide will also be sent to you to help you successfully screen the films in your premises.

Step 3

You will receive extensive online/telephonic support from the IKFFI team throughout the duration of the film festival.

Step 4

A trial run will be conducted a week prior to the film festival to ensure successful screening of the films.

You can also invite neighbouring schools to be part of this festival so that maximum number of children can gain the benefits of this first-of its-kind experience.

Why it works


Opens their minds
to valuable lessons of life.


Helps them relate
and reflect at a personal


Exposes them to
award-winning quality


An effective and
fun method of awareness.

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